Panorama Upload Help

Help for Adding Panoramas to Panoramic Earth.


Adding a New Panorama to Panoramic Earth

Adding new panoramas to Panoramic Earth is done either through the Upload Tab at the top of the screen, or the Add a New Location option in your profile pages. This procedure follows a number of steps, which are laid out below. New images must:

  • Meets our Terms and Conditions.
  • Covers full 360° field of view on the horizontal axis.
  • The image is seamless when viewed online - ie, the user can not tell where the join is.
  • The image has no obvious or glaring stitching errors like half people, disjointed buildings etc.
  • Is either Cylindrical or Spherical (equirectangular) - cubic projections are not accepted.
  • Up to 6,000 pixels long. At this size spherical images would be 3,000 pixels high
  • Is saved in jpeg format at 60% resolution, giving good resolution for full screen images while ensuring the site speed is not compromised.

Like writing but have no images to add? Become a site editor and add descriptions about locations on Panoramic Earth. Please contact us for more information, and for our (potential) editors here is some editing advice and protocol to help you get started.

Adding panoramas is done in three steps:

  1. Uploading Panoramas - uploading either single or batches of panoramas to your own personal Holding Area, which can hold up to 10 images waiting to be released onto the site.
  2. Managing Panoramas - through your Holding Area where you select a specific, uploaded image and assign it to a new location with all the relevant data. Once complete these are moved to your Unsubmitted Panoramas section.
  3. Submitting Panoramas - The area where you can view your and edit your new locations and then submit to be released onto the live site.

Upload Panoramas

  • Select 'Upload Images' option within your profile after you have logged in.
  • You will be told how many images are in your Holding Area and how many more you can upload at this time.
  • Click the 'Add' button in the Flash image uploader.
  • Browse and select the image of interest.
  • Repeat this until you have selected all the images you want at this time.
  • Click on the Upload button and the upload will start. Upload speed will depend on the file size(s) and your connection.
  • Upload progress is indicated by the progress bars as shown in the image below. Once completed, uploaded images can be added to new locations in your Manage Images section.

Panorama Uploading Progress Example:
Panoramic Earth panorama upload progress monitor

Manage Panoramas

Your personal Image Holding are can hold up to 10 images at a time awaiting to be added to locations.

  • Images will be held in your Holding Area for up to 14 days
  • Any images that have been stored here for more than 14 days will automatically be deleted from your holding area.
  • You will be notified by email of any images that are 12 days or more old, and of any images that have been deleted.

An example of the Image Holding area is shown below. This shows a thumbnail of the panorama(s) in the area along with the image details. You can select image(s) you want to delete from the area (and the site) here or proceed to add one to a location:

  • Click on Add Location button by the image you wish to process.

You will then be taken to Add a New Location - Stage 1.
Manage Panoramas Example:
Panoramic Earth personal 'Manage Panorama' area example

Add a New Location - Stage 1

This stage allows you to enter all the relevant data for your panorama, select the Google map location and enter your own personal comments. Follow the procedure below:
  • Either select from the Previous Destinations drop down list, will fill in much of the first part) or continue to fill in the form.
  • Continent *: Select from the options.
  • Country *: Either select from the options or add a new country.
  • County / State / Region *: Either select from the options or add a new region. Some examples for suitable regions are:
    • USA - enter the State
    • England - enter the County.
    • France - enter the Region.
    • Switzerland - enter the Canton.
    • Australia - enter the State etc
  • Destination *: This will normally be the city or town where the image was taken.
  • Sub-Destination: This can be left out. It is useful for large cities like London where it reflects the Boroughs (e.g. Camden, Westminster etc.). If you are in doubt what to put here then simply leave it blank.
  • Location Type *: Are you adding a beach, mountain, museum or church. Select from this list. If none of the options given to date match your panorama then you may suggest a new location type.
  • Location Title *: What do you want to call this location. NOTE - this is also the page title, which is important for Search Engines. Please enter a relevant title, which can include the destination name.
  • Marker Pin Type: This will be set to 'General' as the default unless changed.
  • GM Coordinates *: Click this button for a popup Google map that you can use to locate your image. A single click on the map will collect the relevant data in to the Latitude and Longitude fields of the popup. Click 'Use' to transfer this to the relevant fields of the 'Add A New Location' form and close the popup.
  • Photographer's Description *: Enter your own comments about the image, when it was taken, your feelings etc. Up to 600 characters allowed.
  • Once complete, click Continue to proceed.

Fields marked * are compulsory. You will not be able to continue until all the information has been added. Below is an example form filled in for a picture from Austria:

Add Panorama to a new Location - step 1

Add a New Location - Stage 2 - Review and Add

The final review and edit form, as shown below, and check the Keywords and Image Tags assigned.

  • Review: all the data you have entered to ensure it is correct
  • Keywords: These are used in the html and indexed by search engines. Some are already entered here, add more if you wish. The terms you add must occur in either the image location data or your personal description to avoid the image being penalised by search engines.
  • Image Tags: Used by the site's Tag Cloud and searches. Add any more you wish at this time.
  • Click Finish.
  • Images are then moved to your Unsubmitted Image area awaiting your final submission.

Reviewing Panorama Addition Example:
Add Panorama to a new Location - step 1

Adding Panorama - Final Submission

Accessed through the Unsubmitted option of your profile, this area stores all your images ready to be added to the live site, as shown below. In this section you can:

  • Edit - re-edit the image data, taking you to the Add a New Location - Stage 1 form described above.
  • View - taking you to a preview page of the panorama as it will appear on the live site.
  • Submit - to complete the submission process.

    • Unsubmitted Image Management Example:Panorama Submission Review

      Once approved the panorama will display on the home page for a short time and promoted through the Panoramic Earth Twitter feed, in the 'New Panoramas' list at the top of our blog and in other places that pick up the site RSS feed.

      After you have uploaded 10 images to the site, the approval process will be automated, and further images will automatically be released onto the main site immediately.

      If you require any help with the submission process at all then please feel free to contact us. We hope that you enjoy this unique way of displaying panoramas on the web.

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