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Welcome to the profile page for Peter Watts. Personal information and other details that Peter has chosen to make public are shown below. Peter has contributed 4805 virtual tour panoramas from 30 countries to Panoramic Earth. See their Destinations Added list to find out more.

Personal DetailsPeter WattsPeter is a professional panoramic photographer with a scientific background. After 17 years in diagnostic virology he set up Panoramic Earth, pursuing joint passions of panoramic photography and travel.

Since 2007 he has travelled extensively worldwide taking thousands of 360º panoramas in all conditions. He enjoys both landscape and architectural photography with a particular interest in historical buildings and vast natural vistas. He is a member of the International VR Photography Association (IVRPA)

He has successfully developed and promoted Panoramic Earth into a well respected source of 360º images and travel information, with tens of thousands of visitors a month. As well as being displayed on various websites, Peter's work has also been used in large scale, poster format at public events, exhibitions and parties.

Peter also chairs a youth club board, attends a local church, spins women around dance floors and writes about topics in under 150 words.

Email Addressptr dot watts at gmail dot com
Web Site(s)www.flickr.com/photos/12261870@N00/
Photo Stitching SoftwarePTGUI
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